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Slic module QCX-801Slic module QCX-801

Slic module QCX-801

Product Name Slic module QCX-801
Size 2x2 cm
Weight 2 kg
Description Slic module QCX-801


MX801 subscriber line interface circuit module (Low Power Ringing SLIC MODULE) uses the modular structure in a single module integrated DC/DC converter bell flow generator, polarity reversal switch, constant current feed circuit, the two / four line conversion circuit of all functions to the system's user interface, the design of small user voice the system is very simple, save the design time of the whole system, users only need to provide +3.3V to +5V DC power supply, constant current feed, ringing, two / four line transformation functions can realize small user voice system is required; at the same time can greatly reduce the volume of the system, reduce the cost.


  • Singlesupply voltage: +3.3V to +5.0V.

  • Integralhigh efficiency DC/DC converter.

  • Transformerless 2-wire to 4-wire conversion

  • Integral ringing generator

  • Constant current feed

  • Tip/Ring Polarity reversal

  • On-hook transmission

  • Off-hookdetection

  • Easyto use, Low external component count

  • Simplifiedprotection in “on-premise” applications.


  • Voice Over Internet Protocol(VoIP)

  • Cable Modems

  • Key Telephone System 

  • IP Gateway system 

  • Wireless Desktop Phone 

  • Set-top Box System 

  • Voice Over DSL (VoDSL)

  • Short Loop Access Platforms

  • Remote Subscriber Units

  • Other Terminal Adapters

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